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I have curated a number of authentic social media posts for the nutrition brand Näak. I also helped to manage their social media accounts through social marketing platforms such Later.

My preferred style is long-form posts, aimed at developing the image of the brand as an environmentally conscious, community based endurance company.

Here are a few of my (many) posts from Näak’s Instagram profile.


I’ve put together a preview of the blogging work that I published with Näak. As a writer for the company, I preferred writing articles based on ambassador interviews, seamlessly weaving their answers into my own written words to evoke a sense of expertise in the subject matter.


We’ve all heard the saying, trip of a lifetime. But, exactly how far is a trip of a lifetime? Is it 1000 kilometres, the length of a province, maybe a state? For these 5 friends, a trip of a lifetime is 7,600 kilometres across an entire country. We recently talked to the brave souls taking on the longest north-south crossing of Canada ever attempted and want to give you an inside look in planning this monstrous expedition.

Welcome to Expedition AKOR.

Naak - Akor Expedition Across Canada

Expeditions are not for everyone; some of us even dread the length of our morning commute to work.

However, for these fine gentlemen, exploring has always been on the agenda, and it appears that they have an insatiable thirst for it!

“Adventures have become part of our life very quickly. From the age of 8, we were already experiencing our first few-day canoe trips to Camp-Vacances Kéno.

As a teenager, we descended large wild rivers on the North Shore for periods of up to a month. These expeditions sowed the seed of adventure within us and truly marked our desire to push our limits.”

On journeys of this magnitude, spending 7 months travelling using nothing but canoe, ski, bike, and good old hiking boots, there is bound to be some highs and lows.

In a time as uncertain as the present, there is one thing we know for sure, each of these voyagers is bound to have a very personal experience on this mega-trip.

“You never really know how an expedition will affect us. Especially those which involve several months of adventure. However, what is certain is that crossing Canada on its North-South axis will transform us and mark us forever.

Our desire is to emerge from this journey with a better understanding of ourselves and bonds of friendship that are stronger than ever.”

Naakbar - AKOR Expedition across Canada

Finding the right partners in an expedition requires a deep insight into the depths of human determination and perseverance.

When mistakes could ultimately result in death, you best hope that each team member knows what they’re doing. 

“Experience and confidence are arguably the two most important things to consider when choosing shipping partners.

It is imperative to have blind trust in each team member because, to some extent, our life and our physical integrity are intrinsically linked to it.

This trust is built on the Experience gained by all team members. Each of them possesses undeniable leadership qualities and knowledge of the field that reinforce the feeling of confidence.

And it is this feeling, added to field expertise as well as their unique human qualities, that allows them to make the best decisions in crisis situations.”

Planning expeditions take time, dedication, and a painful amount of phone calls and emails for even the most advanced adventurer.

Throw into this mix the uncertainty of crossing a route that nobody has ever attempted, and you’re looking at years of meticulous planning and research. 

“Crossing Canada from north to south involves the use of three modes of travel. In our case, we chose skiing for the arctic zone, canoeing for the southern part of Nunavut, and cycling through the prairies and Ontario.

It also means travelling four full seasons from March to October and having the right clothing and equipment for each type of weather in each season and for each mode of transportation…

And, since no one has ever attempted such an adventure, you can imagine how difficult and time-consuming it is to collect all the information necessary to properly plan our adventure.”

Naakbar - AKOR Expedition across Canada

Upon the pending completion of the expedition, the rewards are plenty, both personal and communal.

These five gentlemen are putting their bodies and minds on the line, not only for an epic adventure but also for knowledge of the delicate ecosystems across Canada.

A beautiful mixture of science and athleticism, with just a touch of crazy, there is nothing about this adventure that we don’t absolutely LOVE.

“The privilege of walking through these beautifully wild and isolated environments underpins a social responsibility that we are proud to carry.

The data that will be collected throughout the expedition will serve, we are convinced, to better understand our ecosystems as well as the dynamics of the human body under intense conditions.” 

For anyone out there planning their own expedition, well, I would say, maybe sleep on it first. But, for the wanderlust travellers that feel like breaking new heights and exploring the unknown, the boys had a few tips…

“1- Get into action…. Stop talking about it and get going.

2 – Inform yourself. Chat with the qualified people around you. Take the time to gather all the information you need to safely complete your expedition.

3- Surround yourself with more competent and experienced people. Learn tips and tricks from these mentors.

4 – Start with small shipments. Take the time to build your Experience and practice in the field.

5- Above all, never forget:

A DREAM written with a date becomes a GOAL.

An OBJECTIVE broken down into several stages becomes a PLAN.

A PLAN supported by ACTIONS becomes REALITY.


Does anyone else’s fight or flight kick in on the first long cycling trip of Spring? Cars flying by at 100 km/h, still unable to share the road after having it all to themselves during the frigid winter months. Maybe your heart rate is through the roof, because we all know winter cross-training doesn’t always go as planned. Yet, that first long ride of the season is a magical one. It brings back the feeling of riding your bike as a kid, not a care in the world. We’ve encountered all these emotions and more. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of Näak ambassador and cycling virtuoso, Joannie Desroches, to give you the best tips on planning your long ride this Spring.

Naak Blog -planning your long cycling trip with Joannie Desroches

“The right clothes are super important. Feeling comfortable and pretty makes me want to bike all day.”

This importance of your gear can’t be stressed enough. We’ve all been there; rashes, chaffing. Perhaps those extra pounds from winter leave your moisture-wicking long-sleeve feeling like it’s slightly suffocating you.

Staying comfortable on your ride is the first step to actually enjoying it.

Joannie recommends women look at the clothes by Peppermint Cycling. By paying particular attention to their line’s fit and colours, this woman-only brand makes prime cycling gear for all types of riders.

For men, Rapha has remained on top of performance cycling gear. During spring riding, some bib shorts and a long-sleeve jersey should keep you comfortable on your ride without the risk of overheating.

When in doubt, layer up! 


“(In Spring) I always take more familiar routes and scenes because roads are usually very dirty and cars are not really used to cyclists yet. Therefore, I plan on routes with a large shoulder and where there is not too much circulation.”

For long spring rides, plan your trips on routes you know and love, make safety a higher priority than you do in the Summer months.

An increase of cyclists on the road can leave new drivers flustered, and dirty streets can lead to unwanted road rash, or worse, broken bike parts.

For those of you exploring new routes this Spring, having a bike computer can save you from turning a 5-hour ride into a 10-hour expedition.

Joannie chooses Garmin for her long rides, which has an array of GPS cycling computers built to last at varying prices.

Naakbar - Planning Your First Cycling Trip With Joannie Desroches

“I always try to eat something with around a 4:1 carbohydrates/protein ratio during my ride.”

Getting the proper nutrition can mean the difference between trying to keep up with your competition or leaving them in the dust. This goes for all races, whether your friends know that they are participating in one or not. 

Getting proper nutrition on all parts of your long ride will leave you feeling energized throughout the trip and ready to go again the next day.

Näak Ultra Energy Bars are made with a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and 370-405mg of natural electrolytes to energize your body throughout your cycling trip.

For Joannie, having some candy on hand can help with any sugar fatigue. On top of this, she always makes sure to bring an extra gel for getting proper nutrition, even when her stomach isn’t cooperating.  

After your ride, make sure you fuel up with a high-quality protein powder. This ensures that your muscles get all the amino acids they need to repair any tears, so you can get back on the road the next day, pain-free and ready to go!

Hint: for more tips on recovering after exercise, have a look at our article 6 Nutrition Tips To Optimize Your Recovery.

Naakbar - Planning Your First Cycling Trip With Joannie Desroches

“Don’t look at your watts/speed. You have to get your legs and body used to riding outside, so it’s normal to be slower at the beginning of the season. Don’t let that ruin your ride!”

Spring is the time to enjoy those long rides, not burn yourself out.

Take in the views and remember why you first started cycling—the freedom of getting away from it all and the love of moving your body.

Take these rides as an opportunity to dial in your movements, focus on your posture, and practice proper breath-work.

Naakbar - Planning Your First Cycling Trip With Joannie Desroches

Joannie Desroches started racing as a long-distance triathlete, placing on the podium in three editions of the triathlon event Canadaman. Her passions include trail-running, snowshoe running, and cycling. Follow Joannie on her Instagram page @joanniedesroches.

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