Unchained Vancouver Food Blog

A Locals Guide To Badass Food Joints In Vancouver

to all my Late-Night Munchers, Back-Alley Foodies, steAK geeks, KeBaB Snobs, and weirdos alike… welcome.

Join me as I take you on a journey of the Vancouver food scene. One amazing hole-in-the-wall at a time.

From late-night diners, to gluten-free spots that will blow your mind, I’m exploring it all.

There’s a version of Vancouver reserved for the outside world.

This is a place where tiny portions get peddled to customers at a price so high that your wallet seems to creep up into your body when it comes time to pay.

You know the ones.

A piece of wagyu beef arrives at your table, a portion the size of a baby’s fist, nestled on top of a puddle of béarnaise sauce or some other typical Instagram-influenced shit.

Amongst the wealthy clientele is nothing but pompous people with perfect teeth, delicately picking apart their plate, ever so careful not to spill a drop on their $900 suit.

Then, there’s a Vancouver for the locals.

The ones who know the putrid smell of dried fish on the sidewalk as they stroll through one of our many ethnically varied, lower-class neighbourhoods.

The ones who own more jackets than t-shirts.

Those of us who know the best locations to get some fantastic food, usually by word of mouth, without going broke.

My name is Will MacLean, a fourth-year Communications student at Simon Fraser University, and a (somewhat)young chef that managed to get out of the game.

Yet, I’ve still got that bug for finding all the best eats in this wonderful, sometimes dreary city I call home.

These are my people, and this is my food.

Let me take you to the unsuspecting hole in the wall, which serves up Vietnamese street food so good you’d kill your mother to get another bite.

Join me at the back-alley burritos joints.

The run-down Ethiopian place that somehow serves the most amazing Doro wat for $5 cash. Only cash.

This is where the authentic culture lies, and this sure as hell is where I’m going to bring you when you’re crashing on my couch because you’re too cheap to pay for a hotel.

So, this is it.

My guide to the food scene in Vancouver, by a local, for locals.

It’s not my favourite places.

It’s not promoted businesses.

It’s simply restaurants where I love to stuff my face, and I hope you want to join me.

If you happen to read this, and you’re not from around my parts, know that you’re welcome at any of my favourite restaurants.

But, please, I beg you, leave the suit at home.

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